It's been over ten years since horror-comedy Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil debuted in cinemas and just about managed to recoup its lowly budget of $5 million, but in the decade since the movie, starring Great White's Katrina Bowden, has amassed a cult following which obviously leads to the question of whether the time for a sequel has arrived. With many older movies finding new homes on streaming platforms, could Tucker and Dale take on Evil once more? Bowden spoke to about the possibility of a second movie, but it isn't good news for fans.

Discussing the possibility of a return to Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, Katrina Bowden replied, "There was definitely talk of it, especially when it first came out, which was quite a while ago," Katrina Bowden said. "Now at this point, I mean, I don't have any news. Do I think it could happen? It could, but it has been a long time. It would have to be the thing where it's like, flash forward 15 years and where are the characters now? And, I also will say, it would be so cool to do a follow-up on that movie but there is something really, really nice about not messing with something that turned out so good."

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She continued, "So I would be very pleased if we were to do something, like a sequel of some kind with it. But I would be equally pleased that the movie lives on in all of its glory as it was. And, as for Allison, I mean, I don't know. I would like to believe that her and Dale lived, maybe, happily ever after with some things going wrong, but I would like to think that they were still together."

While it does seem unlikely that movie will be getting another run anytime soon, there are a number of other horror franchises that Bowden would love to be part of. "It would be very, very cool to be a part of a reboot of one of those [big horror] franchises, would be so fun," she said. "A Friday the 13th would be so, so cool to be a part of. Additionally, my favorite horror movies as of late are Get Out and Midsommar. I would love to just be a part of a movie like that. It's more of a creepy, intense, thrilling horror, so those would be the ideal projects. I also just really like action. So, on the flip side, a really exciting action movie would be an ideal project, as well."

In her new movie, Great White, five seaplane passengers are forced into a battle for survival when they are stranded miles from shore with few supplies and something hungry lurking in the waters. It's not hard to guess where this one is going, and while, based on early reviews, this is no Jaws, there are plenty of shark fans out who lapped up the likes of The Meg who will take this shark flick to their hearts in the same way. While we wait for any possible progress in a Tucker & Dale vs Evil sequel, Bowden can be seen in Great White, available now.