Henry Winkler and Tom Hanks have been silently feuding since 1989. The two were working on Turner and Hooch at the time with Hanks in the lead role and Winkler behind the camera. Both men are two of the most well-liked celebrities on the planet and have been for decades. It's hard to find anyone saying something bad about either of them, except for each other. The feud was recently brought back up during an interview, and Winkler pretended not to know what the question was referring to.

While Henry Winkler never mentions Tom Hanks by name, it's clear who he is talking about. "I was directing that movie for 13 days and then I was called into (producer) Jeff Katzenberg's office and he said, 'You have everything with you? Go home.'" Henry Winkler directed Turner and Hooch for less than two weeks. "I got along great, great with that dog," he said. "Love that dog." Hanks was a star in 1989, but he wasn't as big, no pun intended, as he is today. It has been rumored that Winkler held up production over shooting locations, which had Hanks complaining to producers.

While there has never been any confirmation as to Tom Hanks having Henry Winkler fired, it sure seems that way. In an interview with Howard Stern in 2014, Winkler would not mention the movie or the actor, but did say that an actor threatened to walk from a project if Winkler wasn't removed. When asked about the situation in 1993, the former Happy Days star said, "Let's just say I got along better with Hooch than I did with Turner."

Tom Hanks has not addressed the subject publicly since the Turner and Hooch situation went down. The two actors had worked together once before on an episode of Happy Days, where, ironically, Henry Winkler's Fonz character and Hanks' character have a long-running feud, going back to third grade. The two characters end up fighting, though it's only really Hanks' character doing the fighting, who is using karate while the Fonz walks away and lets him get tired. Fonz was too cool to engage with fools in the episode. It's believed that Ron Howard chose Hanks for Splash after watching him on the hit show.

Like Fonzie, Tom Hanks may not even know that this feud has been going on for so long and could very well be one-sided. Whatever the case may be, let's hope that Henry Winkler and Hanks can find a way to reunite and put all of this behind them. While Turner and Hooch may have been a big movie in 1989, it certainly isn't regarded as one of the best movies ever, or even one of Hanks' best, so maybe Winkler is in the clear now. You can check out the interview with Winkler below, thanks to the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen YouTube channel.