We have the first trailer for Disney's Turner & Hooch TV show. And the Disney+ series has not pulled any punches as the sneak peek comes with a pretty surprising reveal right off the bat. Josh Peck, of Drake & Josh fame, is starring in the lead role and he is playing the son of Detective Scott Turner, Tom Hanks' character from the 1989 movie of the same name. However, as the trailer reveals, his dad is dead, which pretty much rules out any hope for a Hanks cameo, barring a flashback of some kind.

The trailer opens by introducing us to Josh Peck's Turner, who is career-focused and a bit uptight. A large dog is then dropped in his lap that his dad wanted him to have. And, as we come to find later in the footage, his dad passed away. Things quickly get chaotic as the pooch is not exactly well behaved. Aside from the mismatched dog and man duo at the story's trailer's center, there is a surprisingly action-packed car chase, hand-to-hand combat and quite a bit of heart.

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Turner and Hooch centers on an ambitious, buttoned-up US Marshal who inherits a big unruly dog. He soon realizes the dog he didn't want may be the partner he needs. The series also stars Carra Patterson as Jessica Baxter, Scott's brave, street-smart partner; Brandon Jay McLaren as Xavier Wilson, a cool, enigmatic marine-turned-US Marshal; Anthony Ruivivar as Chief James Mendez, Scott's boss with a secret soft spot for Scott's new dog, Hooch; Lyndsy Fonseca as Laura Turner, Scott's sweet, animal-loving sister; Jeremy Maguire as Matthew Garland, Laura's dog-loving son; and Vanessa Lengies as Erica Mouniere, the quirky head of the US Marshals dog training program. The cast also includes Becca Tobin as Brooke, Scott's former flame, and Reginald VelJohnson, who reprises his role as Mayor David Sutton. Five French Mastiffs also star as Hooch, Scott's French Mastiff.

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This is one of the many projects that Disney put into development after its merger with Fox. In 2019, the massive, $71.3 billion deal gave Disney most of Fox's media assets. The company quickly began exploiting the vast library for Disney+, in its efforts to compete with Netflix in the streaming game. This is but one example of a Fox property being repurposed by Disney. A new Planet of the Apes movie is currently in development, an Alien TV show is in the works for FX, a Home Alone reboot has been filmed and a Cheaper By the Dozen remake is also in the works for Disney+. Just to name a few.

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Originally released in 1989, Turner & Hooch was one of Tom Hanks' early breakout hits. The movie, directed by Roger Spottiswoode, took in $71 million at the box office against a comparatively small $13 million budget. Whether or not the concept translates for a modern audience remains to be seen. Turner & Hooch is set to debut on July 21 on the Disney+ streaming service.

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