Disney+ has ordered 12 episodes of an upcoming Turner and Hooch TV series starring Josh Peck. The 1989 movie starred Tom Hanks as US Marshall Scott Turner. Peck will be taking on the role of Turner this time around. There is no word when the series will begin shooting, but it won't be long now. Disney has been trying to amass their original content at a pretty rapid rate as they attempt to compete with Netflix, Hulu, Apple, Amazon, and the rest of the streaming services.

The Disney+ series was put into development back in December 2019 by Burn Notice creator Matt Nix and 20th Century Fox TV. The series will be an adaptation of the original 1989 movie. The official synopsis for the show reads: "When an ambitious, buttoned-up US Marshall inherits a big unruly dog, he soon realizes the pet he didn't want may be the partner he needs." This sounds pretty much like the original Turner and Hooch movie, so it will be interesting to see what the series looks like on the Disney streaming platform.

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Disney+ has been able to quickly amass over 28 million subscribers since launching in November 2019. While the platform is trying to get as much original content as possible, this isn't the first time that a Turner and Hooch series has been pitched. NBC and Touchstone Television tried to get a series going back in 1990, which even got to the pilot stage. The pilot aired with Thomas F. Wilson (Back to the Future) in Tom Hanks' role, but it did not end up getting a series order. With that being said, Disney+ should have no problem getting the new Turner and Hooch series up and running.

There currently is no release date set for the Turner and Hooch Disney+ series. Now that the show has been announced, we should get a release date in the coming months. Josh Peck fans are probably pretty excited to see the former Nickelodeon star in a brand-new series. Peck has done quite a bit since his days on the network and currently boasts a huge following on social media, while hosting his own podcast titled Curious with Josh Peck. The actor will more than likely end up getting some of the more important updates on his show or out on social media.

The Mandalorian has been the breakout hit on Disney+ so far. The first live-action Star Wars series quickly gained momentum while bringing viewers back to a more traditional way of watching TV shows, meaning there was no binging allowed for early adopters. Fans who happened to wait can go ahead and binge watch everything now, but that was not the case. The same can be said for all of the new shows that are on the way, including Turner and Hooch. Disney+ was the first to announce their upcoming new show.