TV announcer and voice actor Dick Tufeld passed away at the age of 85 Sunday evening. He succumbed to a long battle with heart disease while watching NFL football in his own home.

Best known for voicing the robot on both the 1965 Lost in Space television series and the 1998 Lost In Space movie, Dick Tufeld became famous for intoning the iconic line, "Danger, Will Robinson!" on a weekly basis. He also delivered other memorable catchphrases such as "That does not compute!" And, "Dr. Smith is a bubble-headed booby!"

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Dick Tufeld also served as a voice-over artist on other Irwin Allen series, such as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and The Time Tunnel, as well as Walt Disney's Zorro. Through the 50s and into the 90s, Dick also voiced many cartoon series, such as Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and Fantastic Four.

A TV luminary in his field, Tufeld got his start in radio in the early 1950s, and became famous for narrating the popular sci fi radio program Space Patrol. He has also voiced hundreds of commercials throughout his long career. He was last heard voicing the Lost in Space Robot on an episode of The Simpsons in 2004.

Dick Tufeld lost his wife Adrienne, of sixty-five years, around the same time as that last voice appearance. He is survived by two sons, Bruce and Craig, two daughters Lynn and Melissa, six grandchildren, and brother Howard "Bud" Tufeld.