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'Til Death: S04E08: "Joy's Out of Work"

When Joy loses her job at the travel agency, she must use her best assets to find work elsewhere. Meanwhile, Eddie takes Doug to his favorite restaurant.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: S15E17: Monday, Feb. 1 2010

Chief Economist Austan Goolsbee on the Economic Recovery Advisory Board talks with Jon about the current state of the economy.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: S02E17: The Second Time Around

Amy goes on a date with the new guy, Jimmy, the son of her mom's high school sweetheart, while Griffin sets Ashley up on a surprise date with his cousin, Grant. Grace invites Ben over - which ends up being their first date - and she gives him a kiss as he leaves. To his surprise, Amy actually gives Ricky the okay when he asks to have Adrian over to help watch John. George heads out to Mimsy's house, where Anne is staying, to try and convince her that he loves her and wants her to come home.

Lie to Me: S02E09: Fold Equity

Lightman, Foster and Reynolds travel to Las Vegas to help locate a missing finalist in the World Series of Poker. Lightman uses his skills to read the other competitors' poker faces to figure out which one knows about the disappearance. Meanwhile, Loker and Torres analyze Loker's new relationship, and as a result, get closer to each other.