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'Til Death: S04E10: "The Not-So-Perfect Couple"

When Joy urges Eddie to get a check-up from their doctor, Simona (Susan Yeagley), Eddie becomes enamored with her and her husband, Stephen (Kevin Nealon), and their seemingly perfect life. Joy becomes annoyed when Eddie becomes ardent about taking Simona's advice, even though Joy has been nagging him for years, and decides to prove to Eddie that Simona isn't as perfect as she seems.

Taboo: S05E01: "Supreme Devotion"

In some religions, devotion is measured by physical suffering and self-inflicted pain. See people pierce their bodies with fishhooks; consume food eaten by rats and implant protective amulets into their bodies through surgery.

Fox News Sunday: S2010E06: "02-07-10"

A look at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

American Dad!: S05E09: "Rapture's Delight"

The Rapture happens on Christmas Eve, and Stan is left behind.

The Cleveland Show: S01E09: "A Cleveland Brown Christmas"

When Cleveland fills in as Santa Claus at his office holiday party, he has one too many types of eggnog and lets the truth slip about Rallo's father. With Rallo's admiration for his dad destroyed, Cleveland tries to reconnect father and son in an attempt to save Rallo's Christmas spirit. Meanwhile, Roberta becomes an animal rights activist and tries to save a reindeer.