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Past Life: S01E02: "Dead Man Talking"

The team meets Corrine, a young woman dealing with addiction whose regression episodes include graphic details of a violent crime scene. Kate and Price travel to Florida in hopes of uncovering Corrine's role in the crime, which could also help save an innocent death row inmate from execution.

Caprica: S01E03: "Reins of a Waterfall: Enhanced"

Following Amanda's public revelation that their daughter was responsible for the MAGLEV tragedy, the Graystones must face the wrath of angry Capricans. For Daniel, this includes a confrontation with Sam and Joseph Adama, in which Joseph demands that Daniel reunite him with his daughter's avatar -- the essence of his daughter Tamara (Genevieve Buechner), living on in virtual space. Daniel also realizes he can't deal with his grief in private -- this is all going to play out on a public stage.

Caprica: S01E02: "Rebirth: Enhanced"

In the wake of the MAGLEV bombing that killed his daughter, Daniel Graystone plunges himself into work. He tries to figure out why he can only create a single intelligent robot, not understanding that the answer lays within the fact that part of his daughter survived the explosion and is closer to him than he could imagine. Consumed with grief, Amanda Graystone is obsessed with discovering who her daughter really was, and slowly begins piecing together the details of Zoe's life.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: S01E196: "Thu, Feb 11"

Tonight, Jimmy welcomes John Lithgow, Jessica Szohr, and musical guest Neon Indian.

Charlie Rose: S18E29: "An Appreciation of Charlie Wilson"

Charlie Rose welcomes actress Sandra Bullock to the show and speaks with Santiago Caldaria.

Gunslinger Girl: II Teatrino: S02E02: "Fantasma"

Rico and Henrietta, escorted by Hillshire, are traveling by ferry to Sicily to meet Jean and Giuseppe, who are on vacation in the house Henrietta and Giuseppe stayed in.

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