If you recently missed an episode of your favorite show, don't sweat it. TV Daily has you covered. Every day, we will be updating you with the funniest, most exciting series out there. Finally, you can catch all of these water cooler conversation starters in one convenient place. Today, we have brand new episodes of Human Target, Castle, Ghost Hunters International, Look-A-Like and Charlie Rose.

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Human Target: S01E06: "Lockdown"

Chance must break in and then break back out of a maximum-security high-rise headquarters of a weapons manufacturer when he is hired to rescue a genius engineer held prisoner by his murderous employers.

Castle: S02E15: "Suicide Squeeze"

We don't usually peg Castle as a traditional family show, but this episode makes us rethink things. Alexis is researching her family tree and there's one glaringly bare branch. As Beckett says, "Castle is famously fatherless." But it doesn't seem to bother him. Castle says, "That's the beauty of the mystery. Right now, my father could be an astronaut, a pirate, a humanitarian, winner of the Nobel Prize..." Yes, Castle loves a good mystery, like all those unsolved murders he gets to investigate.

Castle: S01E08: "Ghosts"

Castle and Beckett arrive with Ryan and Lanie at a ratty single room occupancy hotel, and stand over a tub of black liquid, staring at the body of a dead woman floating inside. Esposito holds up an empty can of 10W-40 motor oil. Looks to us like more than Calgon took her away!

Ghost Hunters International: S02E12: "San Lucas Prison"

The team goes spook-hunting inside the notorious island prison on Costa Rica where prisoners were kept hidden underground.

Look-A-Like: S05E03: "Carrie Underwood"

A girl is made over to look like Hayden Panettiere, while another is transformed into Carrie Underwood.

Charlie Rose: S18E33: "Dexter Filkins Reports from Afghanistan"

A look at Afghanistan and Pakistan and an interview with Anne Komblut.