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Saturday Night Live: Episode 35.15: "Jennifer Lopez"

Jennifer Lopez does double duty as both the host and the musical guest on this week's episode of SNL.

Livin' the Low Life: Episode 2.09: "Low Ladies"

Vida Guerra explores the cultural phenomenon of the Latin-American "lowrider" - classic cars customized to the extreme with modified suspensions allowing them to run as low to the ground as possible. 

Seducing Cindy: Episode 1.01: "24 Proposals"

Meet the 24 contestants vying for Cindy's affections.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Episode 2.20: "Mistakes Were Made"

We find out what happened in Ben's car. Amy goes on a road trip. Grant comes back. And someone else goes away.

Brothers & Sisters: Episode 4.16: "Leap of Faith"

We all know that Luc is back and Sarah couldn't be happier. In fact, all the Walkers are jazzed. They've been filling up his dance card with activities. There's barely enough time for him to do anything with Sarah. In truth, there's less time than you may think. Luc's visa is up in just four weeks. His art dealer, Jeannie, has been offering to marry him for a while now as a business arrangement to get a green card. That's news to Sarah.

America's Most Wanted: Episode 23.21: "Takedown in Paradise Special Edition"

Justice is served as criminals are captured.