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Lost: Episode 6.07: "Dr. Linus"

Ben is in a classroom teaching European history. The bell rings, and Principal Reynolds approaches Ben. The principal is gruff and exudes power. He's also a douche, but Ben is still intimidated by him. Principal Reynolds explains that Ben will have to supervise detention today. Ben protests, he's got a history club meeting, but Reynolds doesn't care. Ben vents his frustration in the teacher's lounge. Taking care of the kids is what's important. Locke, the substitute teacher, is impressed and says maybe Ben should be principal. Ben asks who would listen to him, and Locke says he would.

The Millionaire Matchmaker: Episode 3.07: "Trevor and Tricia"

Patti finds love for a straight-edge Christian boy and a bicurious divorcee.

Sgt. Frog: Episode 2.42: "War of the World's Cup!"

Keroro whips his troops into shape for a soccer match against the formidable Pekopon squad, and Tamama teaches his "jealousy shot" to a young boy in desperate need of help from the soccer gods.

The Bachelor: Episode 14.11: "Jason and Molly's Wedding, Part 1"

Former contestants Jason and Molly walk down the aisle at their wedding.

Trauma: Episode 1.11: "Tunnel Vision"

Nancy's claustrophobia puts her patient at risk while Rabbit assists an injured bank robber.

Castle: Episode 2.16: "The Mistress Always Spanks Twice"

A beautiful woman is found hanging in a park by leather cuffs while covered in caramel. Beckett notices that the cuffs are custom-made and may be easy to trace. Castle wants to know how she knows the bondage bracelets are custom-made. Frankly, we're wondering the same thing. Sure enough, Barry from The Love Shackle (great name for a store) identifies the cuffs as his design. They were purchased by Tyler Benton and were made for his girlfriend, Jessica Margolis.

Chuck: Episode 3.09: "Chuck Versus the Beard"

Unable to flash, Chuck is left behind for a mission--but soon encounters a sticky situation at Castle. Brandon Routh guest stars.

The Biggest Loser: Episode 9.07: "Week 7"

The players are shocked when they find out the teams are going Blue vs. Black; one player alienates himself when he gains control of the game.

Kell on Earth: Episode 1.05: "Love Hangover"

The gang says goodbye to London and hello to NYC drama.

Make It or Break It: Episode 1.20: "We Are Family?"

Everything is put on the line as the girls go up against the Chinese to once and for all prove they are the best.