Welcome to the TV Lounge, where we've compiled all of the most important full-length TV episodes you've missed in the last few days for your viewing pleasure. If its new and exciting, its here! Debut episodes will be added every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! So why don't you take a break from your busy schedule and dive into these water cooler conversation starters now? Today, we have the season four premiere of 30 Rock, as well as new episodes of The Office, Community, Parks and Recreation, Crash, Bones, and Family Guy. Don't get left in the dust. Click on the video below to watch the full-length episodes your friends are all talking about right now:

30 Rock: S04E01: "Season 4"

Jack has a sit-down with Liz, Tracy and Jenna to explain the financial state of the company and wants TGS to start reaching out to ordinary people. Jenna offers to either go "country" or become a lesbian to help. Meanwhile, Jack wants Liz to quietly find a new cast member who will appeal to middle America.

The Office: S06E06: "Mafia"

Michael suspects an insurance salesman is part of the mafia and enlists the help of Andy and Dwight to find out.

Parks and Recreation: S02E05: "Sister City"

Leslie hosts members of the Parks and Recreation department from Pawnee's Venezuelan sister city.

Family Guy: S08E02: "Family Goy"

Lois learns that her mother is Jewish, but it's Peter who embraces Judaism most wholeheartedly...Until he has a nighttime conversation with his father's ghost. Voice of Francis' Ghost: Charles Durning. Ben Stein has a voice cameo as a rabbi.

Community: S01E05: "Advanced Criminal Law"

Senor Chang is determined to find out who cheated on his Spanish test.

Crash: S02E02: "Always See Your Face"

Ben Cendars (Dennis Hopper) continues to investigate the murder of his daughter.

Bones: S05E05: "The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"

Residents of Verbena Court are gathered for the Verbena Court Luau. Children shoot water guns while the adults sip cocktails. Suddenly, the guests hear a series of small blasts from the barbeque pit. Nate Grunenfelder uncovers the roasting pig. Their meal seems fine but Elliot LindBergh notices an unwanted side dish: a human skull!