If you recently missed an episode of your favorite show, don't sweat it. TV Daily has you covered. Every day, we will be updating you with the funniest, most exciting series out there. Finally, you can catch all of these water cooler conversation starters in one convenient place. Today, we have brand new episodes of The League, V, The Cleveland Show, Private Practice, Mercy, Sanctuary, Stargate Universe, and Bank of Mom and Dad

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The League: S01E02: "The Bounce Test"

Pete's split with Meegan has sent ripples of consequence through this tight-knit group.

V: S01E02: "There Is No Normal Anymore"

Erica and Father Jack discover they are being tracked by a Seeker from the V's; Chad tries to be more investigative.

The Cleveland Show: S01E06: "Ladies' Night"

Donna still hangs with the single ladies.

Private Practice: S03E07: "The Hard Part"

Addison and Sam stumble across a couple trapped in their car.

Mercy: S01E07: "Destiny, Meet My Daughter, Veronica"

Veronica and Mike confront a family crisis; Chloe's fireman crush heats up; Sands writes himself a prescription for a new romance. Erika Christensen guest stars.

Sanctuary: S02E05:"Pavor Nocturnus"

Dr. Magnus wakes to a destroyed Sanctuary and an apocalyptic mystery.

Stargate Universe: S01E08: "Time"

The crew recovers one of their Kinos from a newly discovered jungle planet and finds it filled with data.

Bank of Mom and Dad: S01E07: "Stacey"

Mom and Dad will teach their daughter to rethink her spending habits.