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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: S05E09: "Mac and Dennis Break up"

Relationships are put to the test when Mac and Dennis decide to spend some time apart.

Saturday Night Live: S35E07: "Joseph Gordon Levitt"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Dave Matthews Band.

Brothers: S01E09: "Week in the Chair"

Mike sees the world through Chill's eyes.

FlashForward: S01E09: "Believe"

Bryce searches for the woman in his flash-forward.

Community: S01E10: "Environmental Science"

Greendale celebrates Green Week, while Jeff befriends Senor Chang to get out of a Spanish class assignment.

Grey's Anatomy: S06E10: "Holidaze"

Mark and Lexie must cope with the arrival of a woman from his past.

Parks and Recreation: S02E10: "Hunting Trip"

Ron's annual hunting trip is ruined when someone from the Parks Department shoots him in the head.

30 Rock: S04E06: "Sun Tea"

Kenneth is on a mission to make TGS green-friendly, while Liz faces a real estate dilemma.

The Office: S06E11: "Shareholder Meeting"

Michael feels honored when David Wallace invites him to New York City to speak at a shareholder's meeting and invites Oscar, Dwight and Andy along for the ride.

Nip/Tuck: S06E05: "Abigail Sullivan"

As Matt's crime spree catches up with him, Julia returns from New York to help in his recovery from surgery.