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The Jay Leno Show: S01E36: "Mon, Nov 2, 2009"

Mariah Carey and Cirque du Soleil join Jay Leno on Monday night. He also does "Headlines".

Trauma: S01E06: "Home Court"

A routine shift takes a dangerous turn when Nancy and Glenn find themselves on the other side of the trauma.

Mercy: S01E03: "Hope You're Good. Smiley Face."

Veronica learns that she has to start talking about what happened in Iraq, or risk losing her marriage.

Fringe: S02E04: "Momentum Deferred"

William Bell returns and Olivia's murky past materializes.

The Adventures of Danny & the Dingo: S02E02: "Shoving Off"

Danny and Dingo promote The Boned Age in Santa Monica, hire a Playboy Playmate for an assistant, and pick up skaters David Gravette, Devon Appelo, Tom Tom, and Clyde Singleton.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: S05E03: "The Great Recession"

While Mac and Dennis try to keep Paddy's afloat in these tough economic times, Frank partners up with Dee to start a family business.

Psych: S04E08: "Let's Get Hairy"

A man fears he is dangerous to society and enlists Shawn and Gus' help because, he claims, he is a werewolf.

The Biggest Loser: S08E07: "Week Seven"

One player returns to the ranch to see if Rudy will break his previously set record.