If you recently missed an episode of your favorite show, don't sweat it. TV Daily has you covered. Every day, we will be updating you with the funniest, most exciting series out there. Finally, you can catch all of these water cooler conversation starters in one convenient place. Today, we have brand new episodes of FlashForward, Private Practice, Fringe, 30 Rock, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy.

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FlashForward: S01E07: "The Gift"

Aaron gets a surprise visit from a former Army pal of his late daughter.

Private Practice: S03E06: "Slip Slidin' Away"

Naomi struggles with the idea of genetically designing babies; Violet suddenly decides to try electric shock therapy on a patient.

Fringe: S02E06: "Earthling"

The Fringe Division investigates victims disintegrating into ash.

30 Rock: S04E04: "Audition Day"

It's audition day at TGS and the cast and crew each have want their favorites chosen.

The Office: S06E09: "Double Date"

Jim and Pam agree to go on a double date with Michael and Pam's mom.

Grey's Anatomy: S06E08: "Invest in Love: Season"

The parents of Arizona's 10-year-old patient offer the hospital a generous donation, but Arizona finds herself in a conflict of interest when the patient's condition worsens; Cristina tests her boundaries with Owen.