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Modern Family: S01E10: "Undeck the Halls"

Claire and Phil threaten to take away Christmas when the kids get in trouble; Cameron and Mitchell take Lily to get her first picture with Santa.

30 Rock: S04E08: "Secret Santa"

Jack's interest in a new social networking site unexpectedly reconnects him with a high school crush. Kenneth tries to organize a Secret Santa Fun Swap, but not without resistance from some of the staff members. Meanwhile, Liz battles the task of buying a gift that's good enough for Jack, and Jenna is horrified at the prospect of sharing her annual Christmas solo.

Community: S01E12: "Comparitive Religion"

Shirley does the preparations for an upcoming holiday party. Jeff goes up against a school bully after being challenged to a fight.

Desperate Housewives: S06E10: "Boom Crunch"

Katherine is wheeled out of her house on a stretcher -- and points to Mike as her assailant! We totally saw this coming!

Scrubs: S09E03: "Our Role Models"

J.D. and Drew learn a tough lesson in mentoring when Dr. Cox and Lucy show them that sometimes the student is the teacher

Glee: S01E13: "Sectionals"

Sectionals is finally here for the Glee Club, but when Quinn's secret unravels, the club may not be able to recover in time to compete. Meanwhile, Sue's scheming hits an all-time high, and with Emma and Ken's marriage looming, Will makes a decision that could change his life forever.