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Grey's Anatomy: S06E09: "New History"

Owen brings in a former Army colleague, Teddy Altman, as the new cardio attending, as a "gift" for Cristina. But Cristina is unimpressed with Teddy's credentials and dubs her "Desert Storm Barbie."

FlashForward: S01E08: "Playing Cards with Coyote"

Janis returns to work with plans of resigning. She wonders if getting shot was a sign that her baby wasn't meant to be. Wedeck says, "You gonna let a bullet decided whether or not you bring a baby into this world?" He refuses her resignation and she reconsiders her baby options. Back on the job, Janis checks out enhanced video footage of Suspect Zero. She and Wedeck notice that he's wearing a ring. Could be a clue. A woman named Ingrid captures the murder of a man on her cell phone camera. The gunman and his accomplice are seen taking a case from the man. Enhanced images show the gunman with a three star tattoo on his arm, just like the one adorned by the assassin who was hunting down Mark in his flash forward. The team believes they have a mole in their department. They figure the gunman will come after Ingrid, so they opt to use her as bait in a trap.

Extreme Makeover: S07E11: "Ward Family"

Mary J. Blige joins Ty and gang this week as they head to Erie, PA to meet the Ward Family.

Saturday Night Live: S35E09: "Taylor Lautner"

Taylor Lautner hosts, Bon Jovi is the musical guest.

Family Guy: S08E09: "Business Guy"

Lie To Me: S02E10: "Tractor Man"

The Simpsons: S21E08: "Oh, Brother, Where Bart Thou?"

Better Off Ted: S02E01: "Love Blurts"

To save money on health care, Veridian plays matchmaker for its employees. The company posts a list of single workers they think should date each other based on genetic compatibility. Ted and Linda aren't listed as a possible match for each other. Bummer, right? They make a pact to not participate in the company dating game.