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Bones: Episode 5.16: "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole"

In the 100th episode, Bones looks back at the first time Booth and Brennan worked on a case together. The formation and evolution of their relationship, as well as the relationships of the other Jeffersonian workers, is examined.

Flashforward: Episode 1.15: "Queen Sacrifice"

Mark and Vogel execute a plan to uncover the identity of the mole in the FBI; Mark moves out of the house to protect his family; Keiko continues her search for Bryce.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution: Episode 1.04: "Week 4"

Jamie makes a bet that he can teach 1,000 people to cook in one week.

Kitchen Nightmares: Episode 2.10: "Revisited #2"

Chef Ramsay revisits two restaurants from Season One.