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Caprica: Episode 1.07: "The Imperfections of Memory"

Still seeking Zoe's Avatar program, Clarice redoubles her efforts to gain Amanda Graystone's confidence in order to find it. Amanda, meanwhile, has been literally haunted by visions of her brother, who died in a car crash several years ago.

Lifetime Movies: "Sex and the Single Mom"

When we last left Jess Gradwell in "Sex & the Single Mom," she was carrying on a passionate affair with Alex, a recently separated doctor. This working mother was also trying to keep Sara, her hormonally charged 15-year-old daughter, in check. Things spiraled out of control when Jess got pregnant and her lover returned to his wife. Fast-forward three years later to this scintillating sequel. Jess has a good guy in her life, but a newly divorced Alex has returned to win back her heart - not knowing about the son they have together.

Supernanny: Episode 6.13: "The McKinney Family"

Ashley McKinney can't balance being a single mother of two, a student, and a full time employee at a local bank. Her biggest wish is to have quiet time in order to get her schoolwork done and become an accountant. Yet her two children make it impossible for her to do homework or maintain any semblance of order in the home. The kids have no sense of structure and keep Mom up into the early hours of the morning. Kaiden swears at his sister and mother, breaks furniture and toys, and constantly steals food from the refrigerator. His older sister, Kayla, defies Mom too. Ashley feels as if the kids are running the household and wants to reclaim power before it's too late. Can Jo Frost help?

Supernanny: Episode 6.14: "100th Episode Special"

She's crisscrossed America, including Alaska and Hawaii, in her six seasons as the voice of reason for parents worldwide. Now Supernanny Jo Frost revisits some of her most memorable families in celebration of her 100th episode to find out how they're doing today.