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Human Target: Episode 1.09: "Corner Man"

Chance enters the fight of his life.

Being Erica: Episode 2.10: "Papa Can You Hear me?"

When Erica asks Dr. Tom to step in and help Kai, Dr. Tom allows his anger to take over, sending him on his own session back to the day he last saw his daughter. He realizes that all relationships change - and forcing them, only makes matters worse.

Brothers & Sisters: Episode 4.17: "Freeluc.com"

Kitty's popularity surge creates havoc for her family.

Desperate Housewives: Episode 6.17: "Chromolume No. 7"

Susan sees Robin give Katherine a good-morning kiss and realizes that the two are now more than friends. Mike can't believe Katherine's a lesbian now and his masculine ego takes another hit when Susan tells him, "You were a good transition," citing how gentle Mike is and how he likes to cuddle. The real issue is that Susan paid off his business loan with the money from the sale of the strip club. He tells her, "I grew up with a father who wasn't there. I promised I'd always provide for my family." She tells him his attitude is "so 1956," but agrees to cancel the check.

Desperate Housewives: Episode 6.16: "The Chase"

When Celia comes down with chicken pox, Carlos orders Gaby, who's never had it, out of the house so she won't get it too. She ends up staying with Bob and Lee, where she quickly grows used to their sophisticated, childfree lifestyle. When Carlos calls to say that Celia is better, Gaby lies that she's got a stomach bug so she can keep on partying. Juanita calls to tell her mom about her first soccer game and while looking for a quiet place to talk, Gaby stumbles across Bob & Lee's nursery! Bob admits they've been trying to adopt. "You may envy our life, but it's nothing compared to how we envy yours." She decides it's time to go home, with a fresh appreciation for being a mom.

Desperate Housewives: Episode 6.15: "Lovely"

Robin's presence on Wisteria Lane makes the men perk up and the women jealous. Lynette says. "I have teenage boys at home. The last thing I need next door is a stripper." Katherine, who's back from her stay at the mental institution says, "She can't bring any more crazy to this street than I did."

Cougar Town: Episode 1.14: "All the Wrong Reasons"

A hot tennis instructor gets between Ellie and Jules, Laurie turns to Travis to be her conscience, and Andy and Grayson try to comfort Bobby who is nursing a fresh heartbreak over his ex-wife.

Private Practice: Episode 3.05: "Strange Bedfellows"

It's been hard for Violet ever since she was attacked by Katie, her former patient, but things are about to get harder because now it's time for her to testify in open court about what happened. Violet's had tremendous trouble confronting what's happened to her, so we're pretty surprised to see her take the stand and not shocked at all when she declares she can't testify as she's being sworn in. Pete is obviously upset and it looks like he may finally be giving up on ever getting the woman he loves back in his and their baby's lives.