According to The Hollywood Reporter, studios are pumping out TV-DVD packages faster, and more furiously, than ever. And as the volume increases, the packages themselves are getting thinner so there's room for more at retail.

As of May 20, 207 multidisc TV series have come to market this year, 55.6% more than at this same point last year, according to the DVD Release Report, a weekly industry tip sheet. Virtually no Tuesday street date goes by without a handful of complete-season TV sets arriving in stores. And even obscure, short-lived series like Ned and Stacey are being resurrected on DVD.

Kevin Cassidy, executive vp sales and product at Tower Records and Video, credits escalating consumer demand for the rush but throws out some cautionary words. "It's easy for the studios to continue at this pace, but it may be self-defeating," he said. "At what point do you inhibit sales of initial season sets? Why don't those get a price reduction or rebate when the newer seasons are released? How many titles is enough in this category?"

Gord Lacey, who operates the Web site, said: "I think it's starting to get a little strained. There are 17 season sets being released on June 7, and consumers are going to have to pick and choose. Some visitors to my site have even begun asking why the studios are loading certain dates."