TV Guide Channel, a leading television entertainment network providing original programming to more than 80 million homes, and Magical Elves, executive producers of Project Runway, Top Chef and Project Greenlight, today announced America's Next Producer, a 10 episode reality competition series that will give a group of television and video producers the chance to prove they have what it takes to create the next generation of TV hits. Contestants will be judged on their abilities to create and execute compelling TV concepts in a variety of genres from scripted to reality. Contestants will have varying levels of TV production experience and will compete each week to survive elimination rounds. The winner of the new TV Guide Channel series will receive the ultimate TV producer prize package: $100,000 cash, a production office in Hollywood, and a first-look deal with TV Guide Channel. The host and judges for America's Next Producer will include a mix of celebrities, accomplished TV producers and industry deal-makers who are stars of the TV business today.

"America's Next Producer is TV Guide Channel's biggest original television production to date and a brand defining show for our network as we evolve into a programming destination for TV fans," said Ryan O'Hara, President of TV Guide Channel. "Magical Elves has proven that they are TV hit-makers and we are excited to partner with them on our first reality competition TV series 'America's Next Producer.'"

"We know from our own experience what a dramatic, creative, varied and entertaining world exists behind the camera, but a lot of people don't know what a producer really does," said Dan Cutforth, Co-Founder of Magical Elves and Executive Producer of America's Next Producer. "We're excited to give some talented producers a chance to show the world what they can do, and what it takes to create television."

A nationwide search for contestants on America's Next Producer has already begun. Eligible parties may enter through traditional means, or by participating in a user-generated video contest hosted by TV Guide Channel in partnership with Jumpcut, a Yahoo! company. Entry options are as follows:


# Submit An Application: Download an application at and submit it along with a bio video and reel.


# Attend an Open Call: Attend a casting call in Chicago (February 24), Los Angeles (March 10) or New York (March 16 and 18). For specific times and locations, please visit


# America's Next Producer Search Contest: In partnership with Jumpcut, TV Guide Channel is sponsoring a user-generated video contest. Starting February 22, contestants can submit a short personal bio video online at The top three videos will be selected and posted online on March 19, and consumers will have one week to vote on their favorite. The video that receives the most votes will be announced on March 30 and its creator will be offered a contestant spot on America's Next Producer.