People buying the new Summer Preview Edition of TV guide will be pleasantly surprised to find a DVD inside the magazine.

In a story from Yahoo! News, this "cross-network DVD will feature sneak peeks at the new and returning programs TV Guide editors are recommending for summer viewing."

This DVD will be broken up into three genres and feature "senior TV critic Matt Roush (comedy/drama), LA bureau chief Craig Tomashoff (family), and writer Ali Gazan (reality)." It will offer "never-before-seen clips and behind-the-scenes footage from 17 of this summer's favorite returning programs and most anticipated new shows, as well as exclusive interviews with 13 of the small screen's hottest personalities."

Some of the shows featured on the DVD will be Entourage, Deadwood and The Closer among others.

This DVD is "produced by TV Guide, and hosted by the TV Guide Channel's John Fugelsang."