It is easy to forget sometimes that the original Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer used to frequently beat Harry Potter on the bestsellers lists. Now, the author is releasing a new book in the series titled Midnight Sun. In an interview with Picture Start, Meyer revealed that the upcoming installment will add a new scene to a sequence that showed up in the original novels.

"...I was able to get back to the story again, and also to write the little missing piece from the meadow that has always driven me crazy!"
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The Meadow is an enclosed area of a forest that serves as an important location in Twilight. It is the place that Edward Cullen used to frequent to find peace and quiet before he met Bella Swan.

It is also the location where Edward reveals his real nature as a Vampire to Bella for the first time, stepping into the sunlight and causing his body to sparkle like a diamond. After Edward explains his vampiric nature to Bella and his conflicting emotions of love and hunger for her blood, the two lie together in the Meadow in one of the most famous pieces of imagery from the books and novels, symbolizing the two character's unconditional love for one another no matter the deadly price of that attraction.

Now, more than a decade later, Stephenie Meyer will be able to include the missing piece to the scene, which, according to the author, was not added to the original novel due to a lapse on the part of the editor.

"I just expected an editor to say to me at some point, 'what happened here? Why don't you fill this in? Why isn't that there?' And then no one ever did, and so it was like, okay, I guess it's not that important."

Midnight Sun recounts the events of Twilight from the point of view of Edward, instead of Bella like in the original novels. Considering that Edward is a century-old vampire, his story begins much earlier than Bella's which means the upcoming book will feature many new details now that Edward is the one telling the story. For Meyer, the idea for the novel came after a similar exercise in the world of Twilight she did a couple of years ago.

"I think the real reason I got back into it was when I did that little gender-bend version of Twilight that I did a couple years ago... was that from the 10th anniversary, I think."

While the Twilight novels mania that eclipsed Harry Potter at one time is now largely over, the series continues to command a loyal and massive fandom that will be eagerly waiting for the new novel. And knowing Hollywood, there is a very good chance we will be seeing a movie adaptation of the novel sometime soon, even if the original cast of the Twilight movies will no longer be able to play the same roles.