MTV has just announced that the entire cast of the highly anticipated vampire drama Twilight is back shooting extra scenes for the film. According to their source, these aren't reshoots but all new scenes to help flesh out the story a little bit more.

Peter Facinelli, who plays Carlisle Cullen in the flesh, has insured MTV that there is nothing wrong with the film as it stands now. Executives were just so happy with the wrapped film that they decided to add some more spice to it, making it the film that everybody is eagerly waiting for. Peter stated, "They liked it so much, they are bringing us back for some encore time to beef it up. Add a little salt and pepper."

The film has been moved from December 12th to November 21st, due to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince dropping out of the Thanksgiving weekend. But these new scenes were already being prepped before news of the move came.

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What are the new scenes? Apparently there will be a Cullen family flashback scene. Facinelli said, "I wouldn't be walking tomorrow if I spilled those beans, but I'm psyched, especially about the wardrobe. I can tell you that it's a flashback scene. It gives us a little bit of history of the Cullen family. They are just shooting a couple of different added scenes, and the scene I'm in, I can tell you it's me and Robert Pattinson. Rosalie and Emmett are in that scene."

Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black in the film, went on to say, "I am going to be in the prom scene now, at the very end of the film. At first we didn't film that, and now some people are saying they want to see a bit more of Jacob, and they want him in the prom scene at the end." To see Peter Facinelli's exclusive interview with MTV, CLICK HERE

Twilight will now be vamping up theaters on November 21st, 2008.

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange