This month marks the 10th Anniversary of the very first Twilight movie. We're a decade removed from the phenomenon that went onto be a box office blockbuster and changed vampires forever, whether you believe that to be good or bad. Well, it sounds like some fans need to revisit the movie soon, along with some of its cast. One star in particular couldn't even remember that she was even in the movie. Until just now. Yes, Anna Kendrick forgot she was in the Twilight movies.

Jessica Stanley was one of the stand out characters in the original Twilight movie released on November 20, 2008. She was the intentional comic relief. Stanley was good friend to Bella, as both attended Forks High School. She was a minor character, but she would go onto appear in New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. In Eclipse, Jessica is the valedictorian of her graduating class and even gets to make a speech.

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Jessica makes her final appearance in Breaking Dawn - Part 1, attending Edward and Bella's wedding, where she even gets to crack wise about the wedding cake in true Stanley fashion. And it's revealed that there may have been a little bit of jealousy between her and Bella. Shooting four movies seems like a pretty hard thing to forget. But it must all run as a big wet blur in Anna Kendrick's very busy mind.

The subject of Twilight sparked Anna Kendrick interest because of the 10th Anniversary. Fans have been remembering the movies all over social media. Anna Kendrick seems pretty genuine in her reaction to the decade old romantic horror drama, and the part she played in it.

Anna Kendrick isn't the only one who forgot she was in four Twilight movies. Some of her fans also forgot that she played Jessica Stanley. And they weren't shy about sharing that on social media. Back when she was doing press for the Disney musical Into the Woods, another movie I'm sure fans forgot she was in, she claimed that she'd forgotten that she was in Twilight. So that experience seems to be a recurring lapse in memory for the poor actress. That fantasy adventure, which found Kendrick playing Cinderella, came out in 2014. So over the span of four years, the character of Jessica Stanley once again quietly slipped out of her brain her big brain pan.

There has been plenty of talk in recent years about Twilight getting reboot or spin-off, or the story being told from Edward's point of view, which actually happened in the book series. We doubt Anna Kendrick would ever return in any capacity, but you never know. Chances are she remembers the experience just fine, but this ditzy response is cute and funny, and helps continue her own social media personality that fans adore. You can check out what some of those fans had to say about Anna Kendrick's lapse in memory here.