Some massive first-day Saturday sales propelled a theatrical hit to the top of the video charts for the entire week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Twilight was the easy winner on the national DVD sales charts, even though it debuted on the shelves on Saturday. Still, there were more than 3 million units sold on the first day, which was more than enough to take the top spot on the charts for the week ending March 22.

Twilight's success was so big that it outsold last week's best-selling disc, Pinocchio, by a whopping margin of 10-to-1. Twilight also took the top spot on the Blu-ray charts as well. The only other theatrical release to make any impact on the charts was Punisher: War Zone debuting in fifth place on the sales charts, but, due to 19% of its sales on Blu-ray, debuted in third place on the Blu-ray charts.

The only place Twilight didn't dominate was the rental charts, with last week's winner Role Models keeping the rental crown for a second straight week. The rental champ barely dropped off from last week, with a miniscule 17% decline from last week. Twilight had to settle for second place on the rental charts. Punisher: War Zone finished in fourth place on the rental charts.