Michael Rooker will return in Kevin Smith's upcoming Twilight of the Mallrats. The director announced the news on social media earlier this week. Additionally, he revealed that the iconic Bruce Campbell will also be joining the cast this time around. Smith is already making a lot of progress on the script, which is more than likely due to the abundance of extra time that a lot of people have on their hands these days. Thankfully, Smith is being productive.

Michael Rooker played Jared Svenning in 1995's Mallrats, the father of Claire Forlani's Brandi Svenning character. Since then, Rooker has been in a number of movies, but is arguably best-known now for his Marvel Cinematic Universe contributions. It will be interesting to see where Mr. Svenning is today, especially after eating that chocolate covered pretzel. Kevin Smith had this to say about Rooker's involvement in Mallrats 2.

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"Using all of those names again as I write the unnecessary sequel, Twilight of the Mallrats! On page 75 right now, about to enter Act 3. Got a show-stopping monologue for @GroovyBruce (Bruce Campbell), but the @RookerOnline (Michael Rooker) scenes I wrote will tickle your funny bone while breaking your heart."

While Kevin Smith is being self-deprecating when calling Mallrats 2 an "unnecessary sequel," fans have waited a long time for this one. Some of the characters, and most of the actors, have popped up in one form or another throughout most of Smith's career, but we've never seen a true sequel to the 1995 movie. A lot has changed since the first installment hit theaters and that will be reflected in Smith's sequel.

One of the biggest recent changes to modern times is the fact that malls across North America have been shut down due to the world's current state of affairs. In an interview earlier this week, Kevin Smith admitted that current events will fit into Mallrats 2. "Nobody's forgetting about this. This isn't a minor blip in the history of humanity," says the director. "Everything we do from here on in the arts that reflects life is going to include this time in our history. It's not like you can ignore it." It isn't clear how this will factor into the main storyline that Smith had already written prior to this situation.

As for being stuck indoors, Kevin Smith has been creative. The director believes now is the best time to be creative and to make art, write, and build. He says, "Look, everyone's got it bad and stuff. Create in this moment, that is a great way to deal with destruction." There is a lot of negativity out there at the moment, but Mallrats 2 is not going to contribute to that because that's not what Smith wants to do. You can check out Kevin Smith's Twitter cast announcements for Mallrats 2 below.