It's been almost five years since The Twilight Saga came to an end with Breaking Dawn - Part 2, and there have been plenty of rumors swirling about the franchise eventually returning to the big screen, but one star doesn't think it should happen. Kellan Lutz, who played Emmet Cullen in all five Twilight Saga movies, revealed in a recent interview that he doesn't think a reboot would make sense in this day and age. Here's what the actor had to say below.

"If Twilight was made in the 1980s or '90s, and then now we have all of the special effects, then yeah, cool, reboot it. But I don't really feel like... I mean, we had great special effects in that movie. Especially Breaking Dawn with Bill Condon. The movies look beautiful and they aren't these action-packed movies or these massive worlds like Marvel where you could reboot it and just make it one hundred times bigger. So a 10-year difference, unless you recast everyone and reboot it that way, I just don't know if it's really the best thing for it."

Just last month, during a conference call with investors, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltenheimer revealed that they are ready to make more Twilight movies and more Hunger Games movies, but they'll only do so if the franchise creators, Twilight author Stefenie Meyer and The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins, are ready to return and tell more movies on the big screen. While we've heard similar statements from Feltenheimer in the past, there is no indication that any new Twilight movie is in active development. Here's what Kellan Lutz had to say when pressed further about a Twilight reboot in his interview with CinemaBlend.

"Again, I just don't think enough time or enough technical advancements have really... would add to it. If that makes sense? And you can remake it, you know? And you'll probably get the Twilight fans to come and watch it. But I don't think it will do nearly as well as. Even like Star Wars, man. That's not a remake. It's a different Episode, but from the first one, which was already amazing and now to the ones they're doing now. You can see the difference of the world that they're building with special effects, because they have that allotment. In sci-fi, you can build these amazing worlds and stories. So yeah, to each their own."

We also reported last month that the characters from Twilight, Hunger Games and Saw will all get their own theme park in South Korea. The theme park will be called Lionsgate Movie World and will be part of the massive Jeju Shinhwa World resort in South Korea, with The Hunger Games, Twilight and Saw joined by other Lionsgate movies such as Now You See Me, Divergent, The Cabin In The Woods and the upcoming Robin Hood. The park isn't expected to open until 2019, and by then, it's possible that Lionsgate will have moved forward with new movies set within The Twilight Saga. All five movies in The Twilight Saga earned a whopping $1.3 billion domestic and $3.3 billion worldwide, during its epic five-year run between 2008 and 2012. Those box office receipts are likely the primary reason as to why Lionsgate wants to keep exploring the Twilight franchise, but it remains to be seen if that will ever happen.