Two new theatrical hits couldn't surpass the brood of vampires this week on home video. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Twilight managed to stay atop the home video charts in its first full week, for the week ending March 29.

The year's top-selling DVD to-date did face some competition this week in theatrical hits Quantum of Solace and Bolt, which finished in second and third places respectively.

Quantum of Solace did end up besting Twilight on the rental charts and Bolt finished in fourth place in rentals behind Role Models, which held the rental title for the past two weeks and slipped to third place this week.

Quantum of Solace also came out on top in the Blu-ray sales charts, with Twilight in second place and Bolt in third place. It was said that a hefty 28 percent of Quantum of Solace's total sales were in Blu-ray.