Twisted Pictures, the company behind all of those gory Saw films, is planning an Internet-only film that will debut exclussively online. According to Variety, the film will play out in daily segments that run about three minutes each.

The tentative title is The Internet Killer. It will first air on before hitting pay television and DVD. It is the first project of its kind. Other films have debuted on the Internet, but The Internet Killer is the first to be streamed as a series of shorts.

Twisted's Oren Koules sasy, "We are making this just like any other feature. It will probably be in theaters in some foreign markets. It will be on DVD and TV. The Internet will just be its first U.S. release."

The production company is looking at a number of different scripts for the project. No director is sign just yet, but the whole thing should be completed by the end of summer.