The fate of the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men still remains uncertain, although series creator Chuck Lorre is making plans to reboot the series without actor Charlie Sheen.

Warner Bros. Television and the CBS network let go of Charlie Sheen in March and the network cut the season of Two and a Half Men short, which caused many to wonder if the top-rated sitcom on television will be back for a ninth season this fall.

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It seems Chuck Lorre has already come up with an idea for a series reboot, which would include Jon Cryer cast alongside a new character. It isn't known if Angus T. Jones would return for the reboot either, although it seems likely. One possible scenario involves several "roommates" who would appear on a handful of episodes at a time to fill the void left by Charlie Sheen. However, sources claim that Warner Bros. is quietly reaching out to actors for a full-time gig on the show next season. Woody Harrelson, Bob Saget, Jeremy Piven, and Cuba Gooding Jr. have been named in terms of casting.

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen is still desperately trying to win back his job on Two and a Half Men. There are reports that the actor has held meetings with other cast members, to try and win their support for his return. However, both Warner Bros. and CBS have adamantly declared that Charlie Sheen will not be welcomed back.

Insiders believe that a rebooted Two and a Half Men would likely debut in mid-season rather than a Fall 2011 launch. CBS will make its upfront presentation next month, where we will learn more about the fate of Two and a Half Men.