We have two new clips for the upcoming Californication Season 2 finale, entitled La Petite Mort, which airs on Sunday, December 14 at 10 PM ET. Click below for a little glimpse at this season finale.

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Hank completes his biography of Lew Ashby. Mia departs LA for her cross-country book tour. Sonja gives birth to a baby who is decidedly not Hank's. Fortunately, Julian steps up to the plate. Charlie is reduced to working at a BMW dealership in the valley. After Daisy reveals that she slept with another guy, Charlie expresses his regret to an unsympathetic Marcy. Karen decides to take a job in New York City - the family can finally relocate back home. Hank and a heartsick Becca are thrilled. But when Becca and Damien patch things up and she decides she wants to remain in LA, Hank decides to stay behind for his daughter.