A surprisingly strong year at the box office will surely end on a high note when celebrated director Quentin Tarantino unleashes his rousing Western Django Unchained on Christmas Day. The first two official stills from this action-packed revenge tale have been released, offering a look at Jamie Foxx as the title character alongside Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), whom trains the former slave in the art of bounty hunting. We also get our first look at Leonardo DiCaprio, working for the first time with Quentin Tarantino, as Calvin Candy, the proprietor of a slave ranch and brothal who has Django's wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) under his control. Check out this wild bunch as they head towards their deadly destinies.

Django Unchained Photo #1
Django Unchained Photo #1
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Jamie Foxx does think the movie will be controversial.

"Oh, hell yeah. You kidding me? There's a beautiful way [Quentin Tarantino] found for the characters to talk to each other. It's mindblowing. You've never heard it this way. You've seen movies deal with slavery - or westerns that never dealt with slavery - do it the safe way. This way is like ... wow.

Christoph's character is a little aloof to what slavery actually is. He's not familiar with everything, and when he sees atrocities, it's Greek to him. But Django lets him know this is the way the world is and we got to get used to it. He teaches Django certain things he needs to become a whole man, and [Django] also teaches Christoph that when life deals you these cards, here's what you've got to do.

All Django wants to do is get his wife. He's not trying to cure or solve slavery. He just wants to get his life back."

The actor then went onto describe his character as a cross between Shaft's Richard Roundtree and Clint Eastwood.