The long delayed action remake Red Dawn is finally coming to cinemas November 21st, and early word is that it's a worthy follow-up to the 1984 original, with a lot of great action scenes. One of the keystone moments is the initial invasion, which gets an alternate version here, in a new clip from Open Road Films. We also get two more quick moments from the movie, one offering a quiet, playful moment before the bad news of the day breaks wide open across this small Washington State town, the other paying true homage to the classic storytelling of original director John Milius. Watch and remember, if this actually happens on our shores, it won't be the North Koreans taking our freedom, it will be our own government as they build us into an inescapable police state. That would be a true update of this important survival text, so watch and learn, you little Wolverines. You might have to defend yourself someday. They can take your freedom! Will you let them?