Skinwalker Ranch, which tells the true-life tale of unexplainable phenomena around a ranch in Utah and the team sent to investigate, is available on VOD and in theaters today. To celebrate the release, we have two very scary clips for you to check out.

The first clip is of the rude awakening the team got on their first night at the ranch. 
The second clip is the first scene depicting the "large wolf-like" creature that has been the subject of numerous reports around the real ranch depicted in the movie. In one specific testimony from the family that first moved into the ranch in 1994, they claim that they encountered a wolf the size of a small horse that was impervious to bullets, even though it was struck numerous times. When they followed the creature, its tracks just suddenly disappeared, as though it had just vanished into thin air. Before selling the ranch in 1996 to the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDSci), the family lost a total of 12 cattle that were mysteriously mutilated. 

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange