X-Men: Days of Future Past has dropped two character posters on fans today, courtesy of Empire Online, giving us a new look at Magneto as he is haunted by a shadow of his future self, played by Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen. We also see Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) flanked by his former enemy Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). The storyline finds Logan having his mind projected into his younger body in the past to protect all of mutant kind from eradication. He must alter history to stop giant mutant-hunting robots known as Sentinels from destroying his kind along with anything that stands in their way. Arriving in the 70s, Wolverine is faced with a Professor X who has fallen into a deep depression, a determined and dangerous Magneto, a Mystique that he's never known to be friendly, and a formidable rival in Bolivar Trask, who invented the Sentinels in the first place. Take a look at the latest from this Bryan Singer directed franchise sequel.

X-Men Days of Future Past Poster 1
X-Men Days of Future Past Poster 2
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange