The Devil's Rejects: According to Rob Zombie's official website, Robert Mukes who played 'Rufus Firefly' in Zombie's directorial debut, House of 1000 Corpses, will not be returning for the sequel, and instead will be replaced by Tyler Mane, who played 'Sabertooth' in the first X-Men film...

Well, in a strange twist of fate Robert Mukes will not be returning as Rufus Firefly to The Devil's Rejects. He will be replaced by Tyler ( X-Men) Mane. Mr. Mane is best remembered as Sabertooth in the first X-Men film and can be seen in this summer's blockbuster Troy. When asked about Mukes departure Zombie said," It came down to one issue... money. We tried to come to an agreement with Robert Mukes but couldn't. We were told by his agent that he passed on the film. I along with the original cast members were shocked" Zombie continues," We are very excited by the addition of Tyler Mane as Rufus to the cast of The Devil's Rejects."
Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.