Tyler Perry is in some legal hot water involving four fired writers from his TV series. According to Variety, the Writers Guild of America - West has filed an unfair labor charge with the National Labor Relations Board against Perry's company, House of Payne LLC.

The charge alleges that last week Perry fired four writers from his TV series House of Payne and his new spinoff series based off his film Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns after they tried to negotiate a WGA contract for writers on those shows.

Perry's lawyer, Matt Johnson, denied the charge, stating WGA, "misrepresented the facts." He went on to add that the writers were let go, "because of the quality of their work."

Three of the writers in question - Christopher Moore, Teri Brown-Jackson and Lamont Ferrell - are members of the WGA, while Kellie Griffin is not. It is said that the writers had been seeking a WGA contract since April. Perry, who is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild, is not a WGA member.