Tyrese Gibson (Transformers) is reportedly looking at playing Marvel Comics Luke Cage in the upcoming adaptation to be directed by John Singleton. Gibson spoke to SCI FI Wire about the possibility of appearing in the film.

"They're still tweaking the script, and all I will say on that is if that slot eventually opens up, I'll probably be that guy to come in there and bring that man to life and have a little fun," Gibson said. Gibson did, however, joke that he'd need to bulk up to play the character. "I'll have to do a lot of bench-pressing, [because] Luke Cage is a lot to live up to," he said. "But, like I said, I'm not officially signed on yet, but they definitely have me in mind."

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Luke Cage, who once went by the superhero name Power-Man, was one of the earliest African-American superheroes. Cage was a wrongly convicted prisoner who gained super-strength and invulnerable skin through an experiment. He often teemed with the martial-artist hero Iron Fist, and is now a member of the Avengers.