Tyrese Gibson is really making a name for himself. Ever since making his debut as the lead in Baby Boy, his status has grown to superstar. He's gone from starring in "2 Fast 2 Furious" and Four Brothers to the mega budget flick, Transformers.

At the press day for his new film, Waist Deep, Tyrese talked about working with writer/director, Vondie Curtis-Hall; Vondie actually wrote the lead role with Tyrese in mind, which is something the singer turned actor is getting used to, but something that still makes him humble. "I'm honored."

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And another script that was handed to Tyrese was Transformers with director Michael Bay. "Right now, I'm working on Transformers; Michael Bay had me in mind, him and (Steven) Spielberg discussed it and they came after me. Everybody else in the film had to audition, and they came at me about the role. I think its one of them things where I definitely felt fortunate because at this point, no one is able to say that, 'he's only doing films because he can sing.' I got over that bridge that a lot of entertainers, who make a transition, can't get passed. 'Oh, he's only in movies cause he's rappin' or he's singin', and they want to pull that audience into the seats.' But, I go for mine; it's a respect thing. And everything I go into, I want to get the respect of peers before getting into it.

Tyrese also mentioned working with a cast of equals and being in a film with so many people who respect each other. He gave us a new addition to the cast of Transformers that we didn't know before - John Turturro. "Right now, I'm working with Jon Voight and John Turturro and its just crazy; that's as real as it gets. I'm pickin' their brain; I call Jon Voight my pops now cause he's just a mentor, he's lettin' me in on everything."

And speaking about the show, "I loved Transformers when I was a kid, my mom would appreciate it right now cause the budget is so crazy on this movie." It's the biggest movie he's working on so far, and it may help him get over the stress. "I'm having post war syndrome, things are just blowing up around me all the time. I'm four weeks into it right now, we're moving everything out here to LA starting this week. I actually have to go back to Vegas; I was just with Bay last night. We shot all day yesterday and then I got on a plane last night to come here and then I got to go back out there; we're shooting at the Hoover Dam right now."

You can check out Tyrese in Waist Deep, along side The Game, Lorenz Tate, and Meagan Good when it rolls into theaters June 23rd; it's rated R.

Transformers opens in theaters July 4, 2007.