Was a UFO spotted at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah? The History Channel promoted The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch series with a 12-hour live stream from the iconic ranch, which picked up some interesting lights. The new non-fiction series takes a closer look at the mysterious ranch where people have spotted UFOs for decades, along with paranormal activity and some weird cattle accidents. While not everybody believes in the paranormal or aliens, just about everybody can agree that there is some odd energy at Skinwalker Ranch.

The History Channel's 12-hour live stream was mostly uneventful. With that being said, there is a weird moment at the 3:07:20 mark. A light comes into the frame and then in the upper right hand corner, one can easily see some green triangular bits of light. While this is almost positively light activity from a security jeep, there are people who believe that it may have been an actual UFO sighting. For now, that seems very doubtful and people could be playing April Fool's jokes.

Dr. Travis Taylor is leading The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. He's an astrophysicist with PhDs in quantum physics and aerospace engineering, along with designing. He also happens to work for the Department of Defense and writes science fiction novels in his free time. While he did not want to give too much away about the series, he did say, "You'll see the evidence we acquired that is scientifically verifiable you're going to be blown away because I was. I'm still amazed to this day and still have a hard time believing what I saw." Dr. Taylor saw some stuff on a daily basis during his four-month stay at Skinwalker Ranch. He had this to say.

"What I saw was within our universe, so to me, I'd say it's normal. I'd say something that we just don't understand and don't know what it is. Absolutely without a doubt, we have scientific instruments that detected and measured, multiple witnesses see, multiple cameras, and multiple occasions phenomena that cannot be explained by human technology, they were beyond the physics of mankind. It doesn't mean it can't be explained by a better or future understanding of physics, but it does mean we can't explain it with human technology."

It will be interesting to see what The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch has uncovered. The show just premiered earlier this week and so far, the alien and paranormal enthusiasts seem to be enjoying it. Along with the UFO sightings, there are people who believe there are portals to other dimensions on the property, which is currently owned by real estate mogul Brandon Fugal. The land was allegedly cursed by the Navajos and apparently a lot of weird stuff goes on there. While Dr. Travis Taylor said he wasn't scared at any time during his four months there, he also says he would not allow his family on the property.

The History Channel probably did not find evidence of UFOs in their 12-hour live stream, but that doesn't mean that there isn't something strange going on there in terms of the energy. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch premiered last night and will air Tuesday nights, starting at 10 PM on the History channel. You can also stream the series on Hulu after it airs on the network. You can check out the live stream from Monday night above, thanks to the History Channel YouTube channel. Head to the 3:07:20 mark to see the lights.