Popular string theorist Michio Kaku doesn't think that reaching out to aliens is a wise idea. Kaku is actually warning his colleagues by telling them it's a "terrible idea" to try and make contact with extraterrestrials at this point in time. Over the past few years, the topics of aliens and UFOs have been discussed by leading scientists and government agencies from all over the world. The United States is currently declassifying their intel about UFOs, providing evidence that there are things out there that still cannot be explained.

In a new interview, Michio Kaku took some time to promote his latest book, The God Equation. He was also asked about aliens. "Soon we'll have the Webb telescope up in orbit and we'll have thousands of planets to look at," notes Kaku before stating, "and that's why I think the chances are quite high that we may make contact with an alien civilization." Humans have questioned the existence of aliens for years, and it appears that the answer is just around the corner.

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While aliens could exist, Michio Kaku is warning the world that it might not be wise to make first contact with them. "There are some colleagues of mine that believe we should reach out to them. I think that's a terrible idea," declares Kaku. The string theorist went on to detail why he doesn't think contacting aliens is in our collective best interest. You can read what he had to say below.

"We all know what happened to Montezuma when he met Cortés in Mexico so many hundreds of years ago. Now, personally, I think that aliens out there would be friendly but we can't gamble on it. So I think we will make contact but we should do it very carefully."

It seems that Michio Kaku believes there is a slight chance that the aliens could end up having ulterior motives upon visiting humans. Kaku is just arguing that humans should proceed with extreme caution when trying to reach out with extra-terrestrials since our technology is just about there. It will certainly be interesting to see what the Webb telescope will uncover in the next handful of years, hopefully shedding some more light on the mysteries of our universe.

In the God Equation, Michio Kaku discusses abnormalities found in the "standard model of physics" by Fermilab and CERN that could end up revealing a "universal theory of everything." The God Theory is something that Albert Einstein attempted to prove during his lifetime, but was unable to do so. Kaku believes that the "universal theory of everything" will go on to unite all forces of nature, stating, "finding even the tiniest deviation in the Standard Model, might give us a clue to the real fundamental theory." For now, Kaku wants people to really think about the consequences of making contact with aliens. The interview with Michio Kaku was originally conducted by The Guardian.