Have you ever wanted to own a ranch out in the middle of the Nevada desert that borders Area 51? Well, now's your chance. Medlin Ranch is currently up for sale and the current owners are including the iconic Black Mail Box that was formerly on Highway 375, aka the Extraterrestrial Highway. Steve and Glenda Medlin originally bought the ranch, which has a view of Area 51, back in 1973. There were no alien and UFO hunters at that time, and there was no mail delivery at that time. The lack of mail meant that the Medlins needed to set up their own mail box on Highway 375.

Medlin Ranch can now be bought for $4.5 million. It sits on 80 acres, and for many, it's as close to Area 51 as they're ever going to get. "It is the only cattle ranch that is directly adjacent to the world's best-known military base," according to WGN. It is nestled in Nevada's Tikaboo Valley, which had literally nothing around it when the Medlins moved in. In the middle of the 1980s, the United States Government seized more of the land surrounding Area 51, which included part of Medlin Ranch.

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Steve Medlin was told, "it's never going to make no difference," by the United States Government when they unexpectedly seized more land. "I'd like to see something in writing saying that," says Medlin now. However, the landowner did work out a rather unusual agreement with the United States Air Force. "The military told him he could enter the forbidden base to tend his roaming cattle, but he needed to call first on a radio they gave him." So, Medlin can technically get into the land surrounding Area 51.

Medlin Ranch was nice and quiet, just like the rest of the Nevada valley until the late 1980s, when Bob Lazar said that he had worked with alien spacecraft at the nearby Nellis Air Force Range. He also said that he had seen the Air Force testing out UFOs. From there, Tikaboo Valley became a booming tourist attraction. The Medlin mail box, now known as the Black Mail Box, was soon a destination on its own. People would camp at the spot, place notes for aliens in it, steal mail, or even shoot it with a gun. This led to the removal of the iconic mail box in 1996, which was replaced with a white bulletproof box, though the Medlins still left the Black Mail Box out for the tourists, where people still leave notes and even place money in it to this day.

The Black Mail Box is well-known to alien and UFO hunters, so that will be of some interest. As for the deal that Steve Medlin made with the United States Air, it's unclear if that will be extended to the new buyer. It's also unclear if the United States Government will swoop in and try to get the land for themselves. The sale includes two homes, 70 irrigation spots for cattle, and 80 total acres of land. You can head over to A Ranch Broker to put an offer down on the ranch.