UHF is making it's Blu-ray debut this week just in time for it's 25th Anniversary. And while the comedy has garnered quite a cult following over the past two decades, it was a substantial bomb upon it's release in 1989. So much so, it derailed star 'Weird Al' Yankovic's music career for a short time. Even with such a tumultuous history, fans have been clamoring for a sequel ever since. The king of parody, however, doesn't want anyone holding their breath for a folllow-up.

Even though 'Weird Al' Yankovic is experiencing a career high at the moment, having released his latest album Mandatory Fun this past summer, which went onto becomes his first ever #1 selling album on the Top 200 Billboard Charts, a milestone not reached for a comedy album since 1963, the musician and comedian has no immediate plans to curb that success into a second attempt at a film career.

Speaking with Yahoo!, the 'King of 'Weird' revealed that we will probably never, ever see a sequel to his one and only movie.

"Probably not. I mean, that's something that I've been asked a lot and fans have offered to start Kickstarter [campaigns] and tried to crowd-source it, but if I were to do a whole new movie, my first choice wouldn't be to do a sequel to UHF. I know that by and large major motion picture studios aren't anxious to finance sequels to movies that bombed 25 years ago [laughs]."

It's possible that we could see another 'Weird Al' Yankovic movie sometime in the future. Though, it's probably far off from happening as he tours Mandatory Fun throughout 2015. In 2010, Cartoon Network had actually hired Al to write and direct a live-action feature for the network. He wasn't going to star in it, with the story centered on a young protagonist. Despite loving the script, Cartoon Network pulled the plug on the project when they decided against making any feature length films. 'Weird Al' was going to shop the movie to various studios, but realized that the story would only really work on Cartoon Network, so he scrapped the idea. He has since used quite a few jokes from the script for his other projects.