Genius Products and Peace Arch Films have some sick plans for the November 21 release of UKM: The Ultimate Killing Maching!


Waylan, Buddy, Zoe and Carrie are a diverse group of misfits who all have one thing in common - they volunteered to join the army in order to escape their sordid pasts. But when they are assigned to the Millhaven Research Facility, they soon realize that this will not be an ordinary boot camp experience. Under the command of Major Blevins (Michael Madsen) and lead scientist Dr. Stoheim (John Evans), this facility is not involved with ordinary experiments. Stroheim and his team do a stem cell procedure that turns ordinary soldiers into ultimate killing machines! With the latest human experiment on the loose, the group must band together in order to destroy these creations and save themselves.

UKM: The Ultimate Killing Maching is a gritty, raw horror film from director David Mitchell and writer by Tyler Levine.  Starring Michael Madsen, Mac Fyfe, Steve Arbuckle, Victoria Nestorowicz, Erin Mackinnon, John Evans, Deanna Dezmari and Simon Northwood, the film will make its world premiere on DVD on November 21, 2006 from Genius Products and Peach Arch Films.  

Technical Specs:

- Rating: Not Rated

- Languages: English

- Subtitles: None

- Run Time: 85 minutes

- Aspect Ratio: 16x9 / 1.78 (Widescreen)

- Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1