Saying "bonk" more times than any actors in recent memory

Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson get their 'bonks' in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Chalk the 'bonking' and 'sky-bonking' references to the fabulous Uma Thurman. Both actors clearly had a great time making this movie. Its a bit more risqué than the previews have shown. Audiences will get some great laughs from the sex scenes, especially the 'sore penis' bit. Uma heads back to drama with her next film, "In Bloom" with director Vadim Perelman. Luke hits the big time ensemble drama with the film adaptation of Dallas, opposite Jennifer Lopez and John Travolta.

What does the 'G' stand for in G-Girl?

Uma Thurman: Has anyone ever heard the letter 'g' used of in a specific manner? Just go with that.

Some people are upset that it's G-Girl and not G-Woman...

Uma Thurman: Get a life. (laughs) Move on. Lets just move forward. As a real, full-fledged and aging woman, I just love The G-Girl thing.

How does your character differ from the other super heroes currently at the box office?

Uma Thurman: I think that one of the great things about the script, that unlike the typical valiant type superhero, there's a whole comedy base here with the reality of it all. Here's this girl like any of us who stumbles on a rock, and by the way she says girl because she is girl and so if she called herself woman at seventeen she would have a problem. But she really is more tense than kryptonite. She's just a real person. She wants to have a real life. She just deals with her responsibility of having superpowers, but she really resents it. I guess that's the humor in the piece.

Do you see your character as jealous, controlling, and manipulative?

Uma Thurman: The trifecta. She's just completely petulant, uncensored. It's actually sort of fun as like a good New England girl. You sort of mind your p's and q's and to play a character like this your throat just opens up and never closes. She's just in a primal scream through the movie, which is an absolute thrill.

How much do you like doing comedies because you seem to be focusing on that a lot lately?

Uma Thurman: I've been trying to bust into the comedy business my whole life. So thank God for Ivan [Reitman, the director] giving us a chance to all have great roles. It's hard in Hollywood to do different things. I know this. It's a struggle. I love comedy. I don't approach it any different. I'm not a comedian. I'm not a stand-up. I just do it like a part and personally, I love to watch comedies. If you don't get to do what you like to watch you get frustrated.

Do you think that this more of a sex comedy than a romantic comedy?

Luke Wilson: A sex comedy? No. I think that it's definitely a straightforward comedy. I think that you would agree that there are a couple of pretty humorous sex scenes.

Do you still have a sore penis?

Luke Wilson: That was a really fun thing because Ivan had that idea and we were actually shooting something else. We had about an hour and a half of daylight, and Ivan had me get out there and do that. But it was fun to do that.

Did either of you watch Fatal Attraction at all?

Uma Thurman: Alex was back.

Luke Wilson: It's like Fatal Attraction in that you're supposed to leave that movie thinking, "Don't cheat on your wife." But I knew a lot of people that were like, "It's okay to cheat, but just stay clear of the crazies." They weren't like, "God, I really have to change the way I'm doing things."

How did you prepare for those bedroom scenes?

Uma Thurman: Oh, come on. He was very easy with me. We were okay. We were very careful and I have great precision too. (laughs) They trained me, those Chinese guys. Luke was safe.

Luke Wilson: You just kind of get into them, but the fun thing about them is that usually when you have a scene like that, it'll get very quiet on the set. But this couldn't have been more relaxed and fun. You had two huge guys down there shaking the bed. I'm like the new Ford Taurus. I'm an extremely easy ride. We don't want to shy away from the whole sex theme, sex thing.

What was it like playing the straight man in the film?

Luke Wilson: You're just playing a role, whether it's a drama or a comedy. I found it really fun to sort of play opposite Uma. We would do it where she would play it more straight and others where she would sort of be over the top. So it was really fun, and then keeping in mind that she was playing a superhero. I didn't find it a challenge to play the straight man, and apparently I do that in a lot of movies.

What were the hardest scenes to shoot?

Luke Wilson: The wire scenes were the most difficult to shoot because I hadn't done green screen before, where you kind of shoot everything a couple of times and they put plates up.

Uma Thurman: The sky bonk scared you, right? That one was a challenging one. This was actually a movie that was tremendous fun because it's so spicy. A lot of movies are just straight dramas and you're sitting there and talking. A lot of movies you're just beating someone up for many months, but in this movie we had like a really good break up. We would have days of doing just really wonderful characters scenes that could be not necessarily in the context of the superhero world, just classic type romantic comedy or drama, just talking and then other days we would be flying around New York City swinging him by the pants off a crane on 54th Street. So that's a nice change up, it was fun.

You look great in this film. How do you keep so fit?

Uma Thurman: The hours that I workout everyday. They had to stop shooting so that I could do sit-ups. (laughs) I never sit down. That's my main form of exercise. I'm just running all the time, about twenty hours a day.

What was it like working with Anna Faris?

Uma Thurman: She's great.

Luke Wilson: It was really fun to work with her. I was only familiar with her from the "Scary Movies", but she had a great spirit on the set. Ivan would encourage you to try and have fun and be sort of loose. She was really good at that, just doing a good job on the scene, but also rolling with any kind of improvisation that might go on. I think that everyone enjoyed working with her.

What's coming up next for you all?

Uma Thurman: I'm doing a drama in the fall called "In Bloom" about a Columbine-like incident.

Who is directing that?

Uma Thurman: Vadim Perelman, the director of "The House of Sand and Fog".

And Luke...

Luke Wilson: I think that I'm going to do the movie version of Dallas. I'm playing Bobby Ewing.

With John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez?

Luke Wilson: I believe so. I don't know.

Is there a director attached?

Luke Wilson: There is a director. It's the woman [Gurinder Chadha] who directed Bend It Like Beckham.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend opens July 21st and is rated 'PG-13' for sexual content, crude humor, language and brief nudity.