Even though Unbreakable was released in 2000, it's never too late for a sequel. Just look at how well Jurassic World is doing, going onto become the biggest movie of 2015, and the last installment was released over 22 years ago. Though no movement has been made on a follow-up, director M. Night Shyamalan continues to talk about the possibility. And in this week's Entertainment Weekly, star Samuel L. Jackson, who plays the villain Mr. Glass, says he's ready to return. The magazine has an extensive oral history on the once-very mysterious superhero movie that M. Night Shyamalan released before superhero movies were all the rage. About reprising his role as Elijah Price, Samuel L. Jackson teases that he would love to make a sequel.

" People talk to me about that movie all the time. Night's still around. Bruce is still around. I'm still around. And I'd love to break out of the asylum."

Unbreakable follows Bruce Willis as a security guard named David Dunn, who walks away from an Amtrak train accident that kills nearly everyone on board only to discover that he has superhuman powers. Elijah Price becomes obsessed with the fact that Dunn walked away from the tragedy unscathed, especially since Price has a rare disease that allows for his bones to break with ease. The movie eventually sees Mr. Glass locked away in an insane asylum, leaving the potential for more movies wide open. And the passage of time may even help the continuing story.

M. Night Shyamalan tells Entertainment Weekly that he is unsure of Unbreakable 2's fate, but in an earlier interview he hinted that a TV show and a stage play might also be in the cards. The director believes more interest is being placed on the title with how prominent superhero movies have become in the past 15 years since Unbreakable was released. And you may remember that comedian Patton Oswalt came up with his own pitch for not just a sequel, but a full blown trilogy. He points out that news clippings in the original movie tease the fact that other 'Unbreakables' do exist, and that Dunn should recruit them for his own Justice League. You can watch Patton Oswalt share his ideas in the video below. When the comedian's pitch was originally released, M. Night Shyamalan did tease that he was going to get in contact with Patton Oswalt about his ideas. Will it happen? It just may!

B. Alan Orange