Last week, Sony Pictures dropped quite the bombshell, revealing that Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland has signed on to play a young Nathan Drake in their long-gestating Uncharted movie. This new incarnation marks a soft reboot of the project, featuring a much younger version of Nathan Drake than we've seen in most of the video games. No further cast members or characters have been announced quite yet, but during a recent interview, Tom Holland revealed that he does have a few ideas about who he'd like to see playing Nathan Drake's partner in crime, Victor "Sully" Sullivan. Here's what he had to say.

"I think Jake Gyllenhaal could be really cool. But I actually went to the Jurassic World 2 film set the other day to visit my friend who's directing it and Chris Pratt is on that film, who I've become very good friends with over the last few months. I think he would be a great Sully, I think it could be cool. Because if it was an older movie, I would say that Chris should play Nathan, but I think he would be a cool Sully, and I love working with Chris, so if I could work with Chris some more that would be great."

This revelation came towards the end of a Facebook Live Q&A on Yahoo! Movies for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and you may recall that, back in November 2014, Chris Pratt himself actually passed on the Nathan Drake role, when the project was a more traditional adaptation of the hit video game series. We reported in January that Joe Carnahan had finished his new draft of the script, which he said would be a crazy R-rated action movie, but the report from last week revealed that Sony Pictures head Tom Rothman came up with a new younger take on the movie, after watching Spider-Man: Homecoming. As it turns out, Tom Holland himself suggested a younger Uncharted movie during a meeting with Tom Rothman.

"It's an exciting one, didn't know much about it. It was a conversation I had with Tom Rothman, about the potential of different movies that I'd like to work with for Sony, and I had the idea that maybe a young Nathan Drake is something that audiences would be very interested in. I met Shawn at the MTV Awards and we had a brief chat about the potential of doing origin story, rather than copying what the games have done, and it seems like people are really excited about it."

This project has been languishing in development for several years, with Mark Wahlmberg once attached to play the adult Nathan Drake, before dropping out in December. This new project will be based on the third installment of the video game series, which focuses on a young Nathan Drake and his first meeting with Sully. Shawn Levy is slated to direct, although it hasn't been confirmed who will write the screenplay, with last week's report revealing that the studio is currently seeking a writer. No production schedule or release date has been announced for this Uncharted movie, but that may change soon. Take a look at Tom Holland's full Q&A, with the Uncharted talk happening in the last minute of the video.